My Afternoon Out

Mum, me and Imogen went to the gardening shop to find Granddad a present for his unbirthday. We were trying to find a lizard like Lizzy the blue tongued lizard that lives in Nanna and Granddad's garden. But we got Granddad a boot scraper instead. And we bought Dad a mouse for his birthday.

Then we dropped Imogen off at work. Then Mum and I went shopping. After shopping Mum and me got some drinks and an eclair. Mum had a cappuchino and I had a slushy. I liked it. It was very icy and I had to use Mum's spoon to get some of the ice out so I could drink it.

I like going out with Mum.

Yes Hearts

We made yes hearts.  We made them with some glitter, glue and some pens and some card . And the big girls did some fancy writing.

We made them because it was the Annunciation and it represents Mary saying yes to God, when she said yes to the angel Gabriel. She would be the mother of Jesus.

Sophie and I made Annunciation cakes. They were vanilla cakes. I got to use the mixer.  Charlotte and Imogen put some white chocolate buttons in the icing.

All About Me!

Hello! I'm Gemma Rose. I like to scooter in the park. I like to play on the trampoline. I'm seven. I like to play paper dolls with my big sister Sophie. I like to read fairy books. I love to cook muffins and cakes with packet mixes. My favourite kind of muffin I like to cook is chocolate. I like to take photos of everyone, and if you're photo shy you don't what me around with a camera. I'll most likely take a photo of you. I like drawing mermaids and fairies. My favourite colour is white. I like doing maths. My big sister Imogen helps me with this blog.