Mummy's Birthday

It was Mummy's birthday. Imogen made pancakes for breakfast. They had sugar and honey on them. They were delicious. Mum had hers in bed.Sophie and me made some birthday cards for Mum, and a birthday banner. Duncan hung the banner on the wall.
Then it was present time. We all went into the living room. Mummy bought herself a nice pair of boots. We wrapped them up in newspaper because they were in a very big box and we didn't have enough wrapping paper.I gave her a necklace with matching earrings. She got lots and lots of chocolates. Charlotte gave her a rose bush. It looked like a stick. Sammy one of our fat cats, tried to sit on it. Aunty Vicky gave Mum a bangle with a watch on it. It was very nice. I liked it. Mum immediately took off her other watch and put her new one on.We had pizza for lunch. We also had a birthday cake. It was very chocolatey. It had mini M&Ms on top. And it had chocolate squiggles on top too. It was nice.In the afternoon we prepared for Mum's birthday dinner party. We laid the table, lighted lots of candles and found some nice music. Imogen and Callum finished making the dinner.

Then the guests came. We said hello, then we went and watched 'Despicable Me'. Imogen, Callum, Duncan, and Charlotte were the servers for the dinner.The guests stayed for a very long time. But finally they went home and we all went to bed.

I enjoyed Mum's birthday.

My Dress

My dress is very old. 17 years old. My big sister Felicity had it first. It was a very special dress. When she grew out of it, it was put away for Imogen to grow into.

Imogen really liked the dress. It was one of her favourite dresses. She liked to wear it to mass in the summer. She only wore it for mass and very special days.

Then it was passed down to Charlotte. She liked it a lot too. Her favourite part of the dress was the big white lacy collar.

When Charlotte grew out the dress Sophie got it. She wore it for Christmas. It looked as good as the day it was bought.

Then Sophie grew out of it and I got it. It is my favourite dress because it is so pretty. It might have faded a little bit, but I love it. It is the only dress
to have been worn by all five of us sisters.

My Liv Dolls

For my seventh birthday I got a Liv doll. Her name is Daniella. A Liv doll is rather like a Barbie, but her arms and legs have joints, and their hair comes off.

I liked Daniella, and I liked Liv dolls. Sophie liked Liv dolls too, and she wanted to have one. I wanted another one. So we decided to save all our money to buy them.

Every week we saved our pocket money, until we had enough to buy the dolls. Then Mum and Dad took us to the shops to get them.

We already knew which dolls we wanted so it didn't take us long to find them. We bought them ourselves without any help.

When we got home the new dolls met Daniella. She was very happy to meet them. They love playing together.

My new doll's name is Alexis.

Sophie's new doll's name is Sophie. Isn't that funny?

We want to buy more Liv dolls. We would also like to buy special hair.

Making Muffins

Yesterday Sophie and me made muffins. We got our packet mix muffins out of the pantry. Mine were chocolate and caramel muffins. Sophie's were Apple and Cinnamon. I got to crack my own egg into the bowl. I don't normally do that, only when I'm making packet mixes. Charlotte had to help me measure the water. Then I stirred the ingredients together.

Sophie made her muffins at the same time. She did it all on her own. Then we put them in the muffin tins.Charlotte put them in the oven because I'm not allowed to do that. While the muffins cooked, we got to lick out the bowls. I shared my bowl with Charlotte. It tasted really nice. I love licking out bowls.

Then we cleaned up the kitchen while the muffins were still cooking. I liked cleaning up with Sophie. It was fun. Charlotte took the muffins out of the oven. The muffins smelt really nice. Sophie's smelt the strongest.
We ate them for afternoon tea.

I like cooking on my own because I get to do everything myself. When I cook with my sisters, I don't get to do things like crack the eggs. But I still get to lick out the bowls. Yum!