The Epic Crawl of Red Blob

 How I made an animated movie. 

Last week I got some plasticine and made a snake.

Then Mum and Sophie got the webcam set up in the living room.

I put the snake in front of the camera and little by little moved it across the screen.

Between the times I moved it Mum took a photo on her computer. 

Here's my first movie. 

Mum found some sound effects and added them to my movie. 


When we started to run, we ran round the oval but then it rained and rained and rained and it got flooded. We decided to run round the bush tracks instead.

We tried to guess if the distance around the oval was longer than around the tracks. We guessed the tracks were longer.We asked Daddy if he could bring the measuring wheel home from school.  We pushed it round the tracks and it turned out that it was almost 600m. Then we pushed it round the oval. It was just under 500m. We guessed right.

One day Mum said, "Why don't we run round the lake while the big girls have their piano lessons?" So we ran round and at dinner that night, we tried to guess how long the distance was around the lake. We all thought it was much shorter than the distance around the tracks.

Daddy came home with the wheel and next time we went to the lake, we pushed it round the lake and it turned out that nobody was right. It was 573m which wasn't much shorter than the tracks. We must have thought it was shorter because it was flatter and easier to run round.

After measuring, I ran 9 laps around the lake.I like the tracks best

Birthdays and Bowling

It was Callum's birthday and Imogen made pancakes with honey, lemon juice and sugar for breakfast. Yum!
Then we did our jobs. Sophie and I hurried so that we would have time to make Callum a birthday present.
When it was time for presents, I gave him the wristband that Sophie and I had been sewing for him. It is grey and black with beads on it. Then Sophie gave him a knotted bracelet. Callum likes wristbands. Mum and Dad gave him a huge TV. Mum was going to buy a small TV but Callum added some more money so he could get a bigger one. Charlotte gave him socks and Imogen gave him two recharging cords. Then Mum and Callum gave us chocolate and stickers as unbirthday presents. We don't usually get unbirthday presents. I was surprised!
Mum said it was time to get our swimmers on. We go swimming every Saturday morning. After my swim lesson we went home and had a quick lunch.
We then set out to go bowling. Sophie and I were allowed to go in Callum's car. Wen we got there we had to find the right sized shoes. I liked bowling even though I never threw the ball right. It didn't matter. I still knocked the pins down. Every time I threw the ball, it crashed onto the floor. I am surprised the floor survived. Dad, Sophie and Mum were great. Mum won the first game, then came Sophie, then me and Dad was last. On the next game, Dad came first, Sophie was next and Mum and me nearly tied. Mum got only one pont more then me.
On the way home Dad gave us some potato chips. When we did get home we had nachos for dinner. That is Callum's favourite dinner. Afterwards we watched "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs".
After the movie, we had birthday cake. Mum gave Callum a huge bunch of twenty balloons because he turned twenty.
Then I went to bed.

Bushwalks and Echidnas

It was Sunday. Mum said we were off for a bush walk down the Boxvale track so we all went and
got out our running clothes. Then we found our water bottles and we were off on an adventure.
The van drew up outside the Boxvale track. We all climbed out and started down the track. I asked Mum if there were snakes. Mum said that she didn't think so but to look out for them anyway. I was scared that a snake might jump out at me. I kept feeling scared till Dad said, "Look over there!" It was an echidna. When I looked at it, it had hidden its head in the ground but we took great photos of its bottom.
We walked on and on till we reached a tunnel which trams once went in. It was dark inside. We took photos in it but when I took a photo of Imogen she had a glow on her head like a halo so I gave up takeing pictures. I made jokes about Imogen being an angel.
Then we arrived at the look-out at the end of the track and I found out that we only had the walk back to do. But before we set off again we had morning tea at the look-out.
On the way back I scratched my hand on a bramble. It stung. When we got to the van we were all tired.

My 8th Birthday

It was my birthday . I walked out of my bedroom feeling happy.
Imogen was making pancakes for breakfast. I love pancakes! After breakfast everyone did their jobs, then it was morning prayers .After morning prayers we had presents. I love presents!
I got a water bottle, a slushey maker, some Pollys, pens, a sketching book, a Littlest Pet Shop dog covered with flowers, dinosaurs knitted by Imogen, a sock bug made by Charlotte, ,a plastic unicorn with wings, a paper dolls house, a zhu zhu hamster, a Fantasia DVD, a twenty dollar note and a computer. Wow! What a lot of presents. Wasn't I lucky?
Then the big girls put up my dolls house for me. Soon Mum said that we were going on a picnic to an animal sanctuary. When we got there we saw two emus, lots and lots of wallabys and kangaroos and birds. We saw a wombat shelter but no wombats. After taking a million photos we had a lunch of turkey, ham and pasta salad rolls and potato chips. The emus kept staring at us while we ate our lunch.
Then we took a trot down to the shop. Inside we saw lots of soft toys of Australian animals. We just looked at them. We didn't buy any.
When we got home we had pizza for dinner while watching Fantasia.
Then I went to bed.