Watching Old Disney Movies and Singing

I have been watching lots of old Disney movies recently. Why? Well it all started with a book Imogen borrowed from the library. It was a Disney song book and had lots of our favourite songs in it.

One day Imogen asked us if we would like to sing some songs from it. We all agreed.

Imogen played the accompaniments on the piano and we sang lots of songs. Some of the songs in the books we had never sung before because they weren't in the Disney song book we own. 

I think some of my favourite songs must be "Under the Sea"  and "Les Poissons" from The Little Mermaid. I love the words in "Les Poissons" because they are so funny. I also like "Be our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast.

After singing the songs I found our copy of the movie Beauty and Beast and I decided to watch it. Imogen watched part of it with me. I was a bit disappointed when the beast turned into a prince. His hair was too light and he sounded nothing like the beast at all. I thought he should have had really dark hair and a beard.

Last night Imogen and I persuaded Charlotte to come watch The Little Mermaid with us. It was better than we remembered. My favourite characters are Ursula, Sebastian and Skuttle.

Maybe next time we will watch the Lion King or Pocahontas. I can't wait to watch more wonderful Disney movies.

What is your favourite Disney movie?  

Master Chef

I stared at the camera looming before me. What was I supposed to say?

Sophie stopped filming. " Why didn't you say anything?" she asked.

"I didn't know what to say," I admitted.

"Say, 'Hi, I am Gemma-Rose Elvis and I am going to teach you how to make my favourite kind of biscuits, oaties," Sophie said.

"Oh, okay," I said, wondering how Sophie had ever talked me into this.

I wondered what my problem was. I mean it was simple, just tell my fans how to make oaties and look cool while I do it. Instead, here I was staring at the camera like I didn't know how to make them myself.

"Hi," I said a little too loudly, "today I am going to teach you how to make oaties...."

I was on a roll. It was quite easy except I had to remember to tell people what I was doing.

With an expert slice, I cut some butter off the block and weighed it. It was the right amount, of course. I had cut it after all.

I whizzed and sliced, tasted, measured, and tasted again before taking the blade out of the food processor.

"Now we are going to put some baking paper on the tray," I said in a I-know-what-I-am-doing voice.

Finally I had a full tray of oaties. I sauntered over to the oven to cook them. A little while later I took them out of the oven and put them on the counter. My arm hit the kettle and the kettle turned on. I quickly turned the kettle off and hoped that Sophie could cut that bit out of the video.

Sophie and I edited the video and cut lots of it out before Mum uploaded it onto Youtube.

I enjoyed being Master Chef but I think that I will be content being "me" till Sophie persuades me to get into the kitchen again.

To make oaties you will need:

125 grams of butter

2 teaspoons of vanilla essence

2 teaspoons of stevia

1 egg

1 cup of flour

1 cup of oats

1 teaspoon of baking powder

50 grams of dessicated coconut

50 grams of chocolate

I hope you enjoy my video!

What We Did When the Big Girls Went Away

Imogen and Charlotte were going away to the 'Reasons for Hope' weekend and they would be away for a few days, so that meant Sophie and I were in charge.

When we had waved goodbye to the big girls, we made some eggy bread to eat. Mum said we could rent a movie, so Sophie and I did the dishes as fast as possible.  After looking at a few movies we chose The Croods. Sophie and I made some popcorn then settled down to watch.

The movie is about cavemen and was really good. Have you watched The Croods? I think one of my favourite characters out of the movie was Belt.


The next day Sophie made porridge for breakfast. We ate it slowly before doing the dishes and all the jobs.

"Girls, would you like to go out for lunch?" Mum asked. She'd promised we could do something special together while Imogen and Charlotte were away. "But we have to do some shopping first."

We smiled from ear to ear.

First thing we had to get from the shops was a present for Nanna. When we had found her something and bought a few other things we went to get lunch.

We entered a cafe and sat down. A lady came up to us. "Would you like a drink?"

"Just water please," Mum said.

The lady walked off but it wasn't long before she came back with glasses of water.

Another lady appeared with some menus and we began choosing.

There was so many things on the list like quiches and salad. Finally we had all chosen. I wanted a egg and bacon quiche. Sophie wanted a chunky steak pie. Dad had salad and Mum had quiche like me.

I stared at the huge plate of salad, chips and quiche that was placed in front of me. How was I ever going to manage to eat all that? All around me people chomped and munched. I tried some salad. Yum. I tried some quiche. Yum.

Sometime later Mum was staring at my plate. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"You're nearly finished," she said.


"I didn't think you could eat all of it," Mum said.

"I was hungry," I said.

When we had finished eating, Mum told us to choose ourselves a cake. Sophie chose a slice of apple pie and I chose a custard tart.

When we had eaten the cakes we went to the supermarket and did some grocery shopping.

In the evening we watched The Croods again.

On Sunday Imogen and Charlotte came home.

I enjoyed doing things with Mum and Dad but I am glad the big girls are home again.

The Countdown

The cover I made for my story 
I stared at my empty notebook and tried to think of an idea for a novel. I always come up with beautiful plots, so why couldn't I think of one now?

Later when Mum was reading a book called The Road to Gundagai by Jackie French, the idea hit me. I was going to write about a circus. Yes a circus. All afternoon I had my notebook in hand.

After a few days I had a plausible plot.

My main character, Lance, is a trapeze artist. When his partner, Old Bob, falls off the trapeze during practise and gets injured, Master Jensen decides to get him a new partner. The only problem is that the person he chooses is a girl.

Despite Lance's protests that he doesn't need a partner, the girl, Lilia, does arrive.

Angel, another performer from the circus and a bully, receives a mysterious letter. After Lance and Lilia read the letter they are determined to find out who the writer is. But they find out more than they mean to and they end up in the centre of a big mess.

I am really enjoying writing it. I cannot tell you why it is called The Countdown because that would spoil the story.

I hope you like the sound of my story, and when I have finished it I might post it up for for you to read.