The Problems of Earrings

My first pair of earrings

A few days before my birthday I had my ears pierced. Five and a half weeks later, I was looking forward to being able to change my earrings. Then disaster struck!

I woke up one morning and felt one of my ears and thought, HANG ON! Where is my earring? I felt the back of my ear lobe and found that the back of the earring was still there. I rushed to a mirror and found that it was indeed the front of my earring that was missing. But it hadn't fallen out. Where was it?


I ran over to Mum's bedroom.


"It appears that the front of your earring has disappeared inside your hole," Mum said.

It was strange because I couldn't feel the earring inside my ear. "How do I get it out?" I cried, tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Try to push it back through to the front," Mum suggested.

I tried but it wouldn't come and it was incredibly painful. I tried again and there was more pain.

"I can't do it," I wailed.

My ear was now bleeding.

"I will ring the people who pierced your ears," Mum said. "It will be okay."

Mum rang the people and asked their advice. "They say that this has never happened in twenty-four years," Mum said, "and that I should take you to the doctor."

Mum drove me to the doctor and we sat in the waiting room till the doctor appeared.

"Sit down," said the doctor.

I sat down and she inspected my ear.

"We are going to have to try to push it out the back of your ear," she said.

That sounded painful.

"Lie down on the seat."

I lay down on a dentist-like seat and she began to inspect my ear.

"I am going to need your help," the doctor said to Mum.

Mum nodded, looking slightly unsure about doing something that would hurt me so much.

"It appears the ear is already infected," The doctor said, disinfecting it.

Oh great, not only do I get an earring stuck inside my ear lobe, I also decide to get it infected at the same time. I don't do things by halves!

I couldn't see what Mum and the doctor were doing. All I knew was that it hurt....A LOT. The pain was horrible but at last the doctor announced that they got the earring. I sat up and Mum handed it to me.

My new pair of earrings

"What you will need to do is get some earrings with hooks, instead of studs. I will give you a prescription so you can get some cream to help with the infection," the doctor said.

A few minutes later we were outside heading over to the chemist to get the cream.

Mum sighed with relief. "I felt faint doing that. Are you okay?"

I nodded.

We bought the cream, then we drove home.

"How did it go?" Imogen, asked opening the front door.

"It is out," I said, holding up the earring.

"How are you?" Sophie, asked as we entered.

"Okay now."

"Did it come out?" Charlotte asked, as we came into the kitchen.


Mum had a look in her jewellery box and found a pair of hooked earrings for me while Imogen, Charlotte and Sophie fussed over me, getting me a milkshake and a Tim Tam.

"Here, let me put the earring in for you," Imogen said.

She applied the cream we bought, then very gently slipped the earring through my hole.

"Gemma-Rose, I think you should take the other stud out as well in case the same thing happens," Mum said.

I went to the bathroom and hooked my finger nails under the back and front of the other earring, and pulled the back off. It hurt but not as much as the other one did when Mum and the doctor removed it.

Imogen took the next earring and put that one through my other hole.

I think I am the only one in my family who removed their starter pair of earrings three days early.

Do you have your ears pierced? Have you had any problems like this with yours?