Weddings and a Too Small Dress

Casey and her Dad

We spent the last few weeks preparing for my brother, Callum's wedding. He was marrying a girl called Casey. I was going to be a flower girl for the wedding.

Mum ordered Imogen, Charlotte and Sophie dresses online and we waited for them to arrive. Casey's mum bought me a dress. It was a size eight (and I am 11!), but it still fitted in length.

Imogen was going to do all the singing for the wedding, and her singing teacher's husband was going to play the organ.

Duncan was asked to be a groomsman and Dad was going to do one of the readings at the wedding Mass.

Imogen had to make all the booklets with the Order of Service in them and get them all printed and bound together. They looked really nice,

Finally, the day of the wedding arrived. I had a pretty relaxed morning, but about lunch time Callum arrived and things began to get busy. I changed into my white dress, Sophie did my hair in braids and Imogen lent me the pearl necklace that she wore to Felicity's wedding.

Soon we all on our way to the wedding. Imogen and Charlotte went in one car, Mum, Sophie, Dad and I went in another one and Callum and Duncan went with the best man in the groom's car.

We arrived at the church and Callum spent ages talking to all the guests as they arrived. Finally Callum and all the guests went into the church and the bride arrived.

Callum and Casey

I was given a bunch of fake flowers and we all went into the church. Imogen gave me a poke when it was time for me to go up the aisle and I began to walk at the same time the organist began to play. I walked very slowly down the aisle trying not to rush. When I was halfway up the church, the first bridesmaid began to walk. I reached the pew and stood in front of it as I waited for the rest of the bridesmaids. Casey and her father began to come up after all the bridesmaids. They were having trouble fitting up the aisle because Casey's dress was so big and had a hoop underneath all the petticoats.

There were not so many bridesmaids for Callum's wedding as there were for Felicity's so I wasn't as squished in the pew.

Callum wanted to have a Mass along with the wedding, but the whole ceremony didn't seem to take very long at all.

When the wedding was over, we all turned and walked out of the church quite a bit faster than we had come in.

Callum taking the veil off Casey
Everybody went down to the lake right by the church and the photographer took lots and lots and lots of photos. Casey had trouble trying to keep her dress out of the dirt. It was so big, and I appeared to be promoted to the position of Official Dress Carrier.

Imogen and Mum went home to feed the cats and our dog, Nora while Dad took the rest of us down to MacDonalds for a milkshake because we were all getting hungry. I accidentally spilt some of my chocolate milkshake down my nice white dress. Luckily, it wasn't very noticeable and I managed to get most of it off my dress with a tissue. When we had finished our milkshakes, Dad drove us all to the reception.

We arrived before Callum and stood waiting outside the room Callum rented for the reception, Mum and Imogen joined us and soon all the guests began to arrive. But of course, now was not a good time to go and get something to eat: the photographer wanted to take some more pictures.

I stood on the stairs with all the rest of the bridal party, smiled, switched places and finally, we were allowed to go into the reception room.

I was sitting at the bridal table with Callum, Casey, Duncan, the bestman, the maid of honour and all the bridesmaids.

Callum and me at the Reception

The food at the reception was really good. We had pastrami, chicken, rolls and some seafood (which I didn't eat because I don't like it very much). The thing I liked the best was probably the sticky date pudding and custard,

The reception was really long and we were all very tired by the time that Mum said we should leave. We went to the cars and climbed in. I dozed on the way home and was very thankful to get to bed when we arrived back.

The wedding was great fun, but it was also a lot of work and very tiring.

Have you ever been a flower girl or bridesmaid?